Real Estate Litigation

Well-Informed Representation In Real Estate Litigation

The world of real estate encompasses more than just buying and selling parcels of land. At Watt Firm PLLC in Flowood, Mississippi, we know that your legal needs can extend far beyond closing a deal, and we are here to help you. Whether you are disputing a zoning restriction with the city or a bidding agreement with a contractor, our firm has the experience you need.

A Personalized And Nuanced Approach To Litigation

Real estate litigation issues can be as varied as they are complicated. When dealing with real estate matters, you need legal counsel that understands the nuances of dispute resolution and has a proven track record of resolving these matters efficiently. Our firm has decades of experience in aggressive litigation.

We can represent clients in matters regarding:

  • Municipal zoning restrictions and entitlements
  • Contractor disputes regarding construction timelines, costs, etc.
  • Development and land use agreements
  • Property boundary disputes
  • Landlord-tenant agreements, leasing, etc.
  • Environmental audits
  • Subsurface rights

A skilled litigator knows when to adapt their strategies to fit the needs of each individual client and the particular circumstances of their case. Your case may cover any number of the issues listed above. Over more than 30 years in litigation, our firm has made a name for itself as a powerful resource in commercial law, contract disputes, arbitration and much more, giving us the flexibility to address many of the obstacles your case may present.

Our client-first approach means that you will receive a personalized litigation strategy designed to meet your needs and work toward the best possible resolution of your legal issue.

Contact Watt Firm PLLC And Protect Your Interests

A real estate dispute can disrupt your business, your financial stability and even the sanctity of your own property. At Watt Firm PLLC, we understand how high the stakes can be when dealing with a real estate dispute, so your best interests come first. Call us in Flowood at 769-218-8026 or send us an email to schedule your first consultation.