Estate And Trust Litigation

A Trustworthy Advocate For Estate And Trust Litigation

In the weeks and months following the death of a loved one, you may find yourself faced with the uncomfortable looming shadow of estate litigation. Disputes about estate administration tend to be complex. Watt Firm PLLC in Flowood has more than 30 years of experience handling estate and trust disputes with compassion and honesty.

Skilled Legal Counsel In The Wake Of A Loss

Not every estate lawyer can assist in the estate litigation process. Seek out an estate litigation lawyer if you wish to:

  • Contest the legitimacy of a will
  • Argue the interpretation of a will or trust
  • Prove that a will has been executed improperly
  • Remove an executor or a trustee
  • Dispute an individual’s power of attorney
  • Defend against creditor claims
  • Question the actions of a fiduciary
  • Appoint or remove a guardian
  • Appeal a previous estate litigation finding

Our firm has established a reputation for contract litigation in Mississippi over the last three decades, and estate litigation often involves the evaluation and alteration or enforcement of one of life’s most important contracts: a will.

When a client contests a will, they are typically claiming that the will document does not accurately reflect the desires of the deceased, or testator. The contesting party needs to have a legally valid reason to contest the will and must supply reasonable evidence to support that reason. The same can be said for contesting the terms of a trust. If you wish to remove a trustee, you will need to provide evidence that the trustee somehow breached their fiduciary duty.

Our firm can help determine the strength of your claim and assist you in compiling evidence and developing an argument for litigation. With Watt Firm PLLC, rest assured that you will receive the personal care and respect that delicate matters like estate litigation require. We strive to be a salve during this potentially grim time through our personalized approach to all litigation.

Take The First Step Toward A Resolution

Located in Flowood, our firm serves all of Mississippi. To learn more about how Watt Firm PLLC can address your estate and trust litigation needs, contact us online or call us at 769-218-8026. We look forward to hearing from you.