Employee training can make a difference in the loss of sensitive data

Employee training can make a difference in the loss of sensitive data

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As a company owner, you have a lot of responsibility to keep the company running smoothly and to protect all sensitive data your business has access to. The data includes personal and financial data of employees, clients and business partners.

Cybercriminals are the biggest threats to small and large corporations alike. According to the FBI, Cybercriminals often use phishing schemes.

What is phishing?

Phishing involves scammers luring you into giving information to criminals. For instance, you may receive an email that appears to be from an official website. The email might lead you to a page that tells you to reenter your email and password. When you click the link and enter your name and password, the hackers now have access to the sensitive information.

Often cybercriminals use spoofing methods to phish. Spoofing methods result in criminals having email addresses or website addresses that look similar to legitimate sites.

How can you prevent phishing?

To prevent phishing, you have to prepare your employees. Be careful about who has access to the most sensitive data in the company. Ensure your employees understand what phishing is and how to avoid it. Teach employees to double-check websites and email addresses in case of scammers attempt to collect log-in information. Train them never to open an attachment from an unrecognizable email. Some links will lead to a download of malicious code.

Phishing schemes can happen to anyone, but cybercriminals favor targets who have information worth stealing. Take extra care to back up and protect documents while upholding employee training.