Know the zoning before you purchase a commercial property

Know the zoning before you purchase a commercial property

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Commercial Real Estate |

Buying a property for your business is a major investment. Whether you need the facilities to start a business or to expand an existing company, there are many concerns that you will have to balance when determining whether a property is right for your needs or not.

Size, proximity to transportation routes, amenities and price will all influence your decision. The current zoning should also be a concern that is at the top of your list. Assuming that zoning is negligible or something you can change when looking at a property might lead to making an investment that won’t really benefit your business.

Zoning can change, but it takes a lot of work

It is generally faster and sometimes more cost-effective purchase properties already zoned for the intended purpose of the buyer. Trying to change the zoning of a property will typically require careful planning, community outreach and much more. You will have to show how your business will impact other properties around it, as well as other factors like traffic and air quality.

However, communities often change over time. Properties that were once industrial or commercial could now be in the middle of mixed-use residential and retail buildings. You might want to buy an old factory or warehouse space with the intention of renovating it turn it in to offices or even mixed offices and living spaces.

If you need to determine whether your intended purpose falls under the current zoning rules for the property’s location or you want to discuss the feasibility of a zoning change or variance, talking with a lawyer about a property before you make a purchase can be a wise choice.